Sustainable Growth and how to handle Corporate ADHD

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There is a dilemma to handle that is present almost everyday in our private life as well as in our professional one – to balance long term success with short term profits/recognitions/rewards. Whether this is about losing weight, increasing profitability, running faster or improve the way we handle our inventories or shorten the queues at the hospital emergency. What is the answer then? Is there a hidden holy grail that will help us solve this? The simple answer is Yes and No.

The yes would guide you in the direction of the multitude of self-help or managment solution books to be found on the shelfs. For sure there are answers to be found there – however the answers tend to vary depending on what is fashionable or acceptable at that particular time.

The no would simply show you the rate of failures when it comes to weight loss or following strategies.

First of all one has to remember one thing and that one thing is that we are humans and humans are by nature prone to go for the easy wins and we love recognition whether it is inner or external is quite irrelevant. We are love and reward seekers. Compared with other animals we are extremely curious.

The problem with that is that we quite often don’t go for the rational solution but the seemingly easier, cheaper and more direct way to success. When trying to lose weight we go on sudden desert starvation methods only to find that when we hit the food oasis our bodies act the only way they can – They put as much as possible away for the next starvation. When we start cost cutting processes in our companies and organizations we aim for the obvious and easy wins that give quick, visible results only to later find out that we took away “good” costs and that that hurt our customer process or internal loyalty level.

Our thought on Corporate ADHD is quite revolutionary in all its simplicity. By using our easy to use analysis tool (COAH) you can define your level of ability to focus and achieve and if perhaps your organization suffers from collective ADHD which hinders you in your development and creates tension and conflict in your daily life.

Our solution to this connects to the fact that deep down below we are seeking for meaning and purpose and if that is supported by trust we can accomplish miracles. If to that you add free will then the sky is the limit.

We have two basic models that can help you work this out and we would love to show you more about it.

One is the Common Purpose and the other is the Trust Meaning one and if you would look for a hidden holy grail in what we do we would probably boil it down to the words Focus in Balance with an Open mind that is supported by true understanding. Sounds weird? Well it is NOT. This is quite simple and straight forward but it takes some reflection and guidance.

Normally we use one of our advanced Business Simulations to provoke situations that are similar to your actual daily life and on top of that those sims are there to enhance true understanding of the business and its components. You could say that we combine Business and People Acumen but really what we do is create meaning and support trust and individual, team and corporate level.

Get in touch so that we can tell you about how to shape up in a fun and rewarding way without losing sight of the end result.

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