True Trust a matter of business importance

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Individuals, teams and organizations suffer from trust deficit. This is best manifested by lack of focus and a never ending desire to please and thereby act in an irrational and often costly manner. Trust is the combined value and balance between self-esteem and self-confidence. The week point is often the esteem part  which suffers from too much focus on the ability to deliver. We put so much emphasis on the ability that we easily forget the person behind the title. This is a costly mistake. If you believe that decisions are taken in a 100% rational way Рplease think again. We are humans and humans act irrationally even in very information intensive situations. The more we know about ourselves and other stakeholders as human beings the bigger is the chance of taking correct decisions/action.

True Trust is essential in order to be able to live according to ambitious core values. Without a clear and honest link between corporate values and visible culture we will have a big problem delivering what our fancy brand image promises. If that happens then we will be offering but lies and our customers will face repeated under-performance.

This is part of what we work with and we would be happy to support you developing True Trust.

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