Change is inevitable – Happy times brings it on!

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So it really did happen. We are to train initially a fairly large number of managers around the globe and then if we do well it’s time to work with the whole sales team. Along with that we were fortunate also to have been chosen for a HR Business Partner initiative where our task will be to work on the Business Acumen part.

It’s really quite interesting when you do the sales work you are so focused on making a good impression and maintaining the balance between what is wanted and what is needed and at the same time trying to get a really good grip of the challenge.

Then it’s over and it’s time to go to work and even though you’ve worked a lot during the sales process it’s almost like another ballgame. You cannot relax with approximate numbers or almost facts you have to get it ALL and you have to get it right.

I guess this is why I love the task of working with people and business development. It is such a challenge!!

Gathering facts and turning them into easily understood messages not to directly communicate but for others to appreciate as they try to solve a problem. Learning by doing, Action/problem based learning. The best thing there is!

Now we are really on the Go and will definately try to use this opportunity to let this business grow!

If you are a business training consultant looking for challenges. Please don’t hesitate. Get in touch and let’s have an open discussion with no strings attached.

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