Happy times! Getting ready to fly!!

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We will soon be revealing a very interesting job to be done. Here we will connect Leadership with Business Acumen in a challenging ┬ástrategical change process. For now though – Let’s just say that we are VERY excited and honored to be given this chance to help shape our clients future together with them.

Work will start already during the summer weeks and the first deliveries will take place in September. We will of course let you know how it works out and we are planning to also let you join us during the development ride. Maybe you have thoughts and ideas to add to our solutions.

We will be looking for truly high class people interested in working with LeaderShapers in the future. Our ambition is to go from an umbrella organization to a truly amazing high class training, coaching and consultancy company with offices in different areas around the globe. If you are interested. Send us a little mail and we will get back to you.

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