It’s about Individuals – it’s about you

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Sure it’s great to have team work and team training but no team will ever be fully functional without individuals that appreciate themselves. Being strong and independant does not necessarily mean that you are egoistic and lack empathy. On the contrary we believe that strong individuals carry less prestige and need to at any cost defend themselves. Insecurity fosters aggression and a desire to identify individuals that are weaker or a mere desire to “show off” in order to make that desperately needed confirmation.

Remember yourself. Stand up for yourself. Identify what stakeholders around you can support you on your journey. Don’t only consider those you meet daily but consider other persons that might be able to support you. Do NOT think about skills alone but add esteem issues based on you as a person.

Find your focus. Your joy. Stick to it. Don’t be alarmed if you cannot find it at once. It will take time and it should take time. Easy wins are great but for those big ones you need to sleep on it and work on it.

Good luck!

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