Business Acumen is a Required Core Competence

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Everyone involved in the company must appreciate what business is about. Learning how to read annual reports and understanding key ratios or simply the language of business cannot be overrated. This does not mean that you have to be an accountant and it does not mean that it is enough to understand the plus and […]

Happy times! Getting ready to fly!!

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We will soon be revealing a very interesting job to be done. Here we will connect Leadership with Business Acumen in a challenging ¬†strategical change process. For now though – Let’s just say that we are VERY excited and honored to be given this chance to help shape our clients future together with them. Work […]

It’s about Individuals – it’s about you

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Sure it’s great to have team work and team training but no team will ever be fully functional without individuals that appreciate themselves. Being strong and independant does not necessarily mean that you are egoistic and lack empathy. On the contrary we believe that strong individuals carry less prestige and need to at any cost […]

Business Acumen is the key

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It’s quite interesting to work with Business Acumen training. You soon realize that the level of fairly common and basic business acumen competence is very low even at management level. When you start to dig into the different statements and or ask people to explain what Revenues, Costs and Assets really are it reveals some […]

True Trust a matter of business importance

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Individuals, teams and organizations suffer from trust deficit. This is best manifested by lack of focus and a never ending desire to please and thereby act in an irrational and often costly manner. Trust is the combined value and balance between self-esteem and self-confidence. The week point is often the esteem part ¬†which suffers from […]

Sustainable Growth and how to handle Corporate ADHD

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There is a dilemma to handle that is present almost everyday in our private life as well as in our professional one – to balance long term success with short term profits/recognitions/rewards. Whether this is about losing weight, increasing profitability, running faster or improve the way we handle our inventories or shorten the queues at […]

Triggers make things happen!

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Apart from getting Visions, Goals and Strategies right you must understand the underlying triggers to make things happen. They can sometimes be fairly obvious but more often they are complex and require attention and not least time. What is it that holds us back from moving forward although we know but too well why, how […]