Experiential and Situated Learning Methods & Tools

Our toolbox consists of various ideas and solutions to support superior learning conditions but above all we have a combined set of skills and experiences that is unique. The tools are only interesting when applied and connected in the right way.

Our 4 step method of development is simple yet very effective.

We use several training methods to ensure the best learning environment. One very important part of our training is our partial use of the "flipping the classroom" idea. This means that we put a lot of emphasis on not least the pre-learn phase.
Whether at a traditional seminar or a webinar or e-learning initiative we use app challenges, miniature simulations or other engaging solutions to get all participants in the mood for learning.

We can of course also adapt to different LMS requirements.

We also provide Train The Trainer solutions if our customers want to handle the delivery partly or completely by themselves.

Computer Simulations - Experiential learning

Our computer simulations are state of the art solutions to fit your need. We adapt or tailor your unique setup.
The simulation in itself is just one of the pieces needed to create a truly efficient learning experience. A program consist of the following key ingredients:
- Pre-Learn module either as an app or a standalone minisimulation or both.
- Lectures, feedback sessions, surrounding world events, negotiations, think outside the box interventions etc add value to the seminar.
- Follow up to ensure that the targets of the initiative have been met.

All of the above is defined and agreed on in the AMAP process which then leads to the Development and later the Delivery phases.

Seeing the whole picture!! Business Leadership

Understanding business reports means that you can not only follow what's going on in your own company but also appreciate what's going on with customers and competitors.
Business Leadership is a lot more though. It's about not only understanding the result aspects of the business but digging deeper and getting to understand and contribute to the overall business process and the whole people dimension of the challenge.
Whether tailor made or using an adapted standard model you will always get to try out your ideas and learn in a very engaging way.

We put our tools into multi stage programs or courses often in combination with for example leadership challenges.

Professional Coaching and Consulting

At the core of what we do you find our world class learning solutions but we can also support you before, during and after any type of initiative.

Executive and management team Coaching is one of our key activities where we observe and support individuals and teams in their development from many aspects. We look at behavior but also the business and financial aspects of your team work.

During the development phase of a learning initiative we often end up doing a very comprehensive study of the challenge our customer is facing and this is often a good starting point for not only a learning and coaching journey but also for more direct consulting in HR, Sales, Production and other processes.

Various Delivery methods

Seminars can be delivered in various ways.

Traditional Seminar
Our core product is a traditional seminar setup where the participants actually sit together. It's by far the most effective way of working and adds a lot of benefits to the social agenda. Quite often the pre-learning part is handled via internet to save time and money.

Some of the participants are present physically whereas others follow the sessions via their computers. Everyone can take active part in the discussions. All sessions are filmed in order to give those who could not attend the meeting a chance to catch up and this offers of course also a chance to repeat what was said for everyone.

In some cases the best solution is to have the whole program delivered as an e-learning solutions and of course we can deliver that too.

Other solutions
We also produce films and booklets to support the learning efforts of our customers.

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