The ZTEP network at your service

7 partnering companies with approximately 40 consultants are at your service to develop the best solution for you. We can deliver anywhere in the world in Swedish, English and Chinese. We are located in Sweden, Hong Kong, The Philippines and Canada.
In our team you will find experts in various areas like:
Business Acumen - Learning processes - HR - Business Development - Recruitment - Leadership development - Assessment - Sales and Marketing - Branding - Stress handling - Dialogue training - Presentation Techniques.

Competence Development

Competence Development, Coaching and Consulting is what we can offer you. We can match any big consultancy company when it comes to combined skills and we will outrun them ten times out of ten when it comes to personal attention. We will never just hand over some advice but always make sure that you get the support you need.

Said about us - Quotes from evaluations

"To me the most important learning was about the importance of close follow up of agreed strategies, look after the balance between strategy and opportunistic activities"

"The principles, the importance of good sales forecasts, the understanding of addressing actions at the right moment was my greatest take-away"

"I now understand EVA, where I stand and what i can do to help the company to grow"

"For me as a regional account manager payment terms and bad payment was very important. Understanding of good and bad costs - so simple and so important to remember"

"A cost can be good or bad. Assets can be affected by everyone in the company just like costs. Discounts have to be compensated by huge increases in sales volume!"

"Group interaction caused some serious reflection on my own style of interacting"

"First time in an intensive financial/business simulation – not only emphasized the key business principles also reinforced the need for team dynamics, balance of knowledge + communication, abilities and task – organization, time management"

"The comrades and FUN! The business simulation made the seminar Fun and encouraged participation"

"I thought the feedback & teaching sessions were excellent as well. I think that using humor in it was an excellent way to have fun during some long days"

"This simulation has taught me the influence of decisions and how they can have a longterm effect. The “secret” code of my accounting department is actually an understandable language which has been shown by this class"

"The balance between lectures and group time kept my attention level high. Open air forum for comments and questions"

"All the hands-on activities. It also helps doing 4 years so we have a chance to learn from our mistakes"

"Good learning opportunity without being preached at. We learned concept by doing!"

"The lectures were very articulate, entertaining and still informative"

"The simulation was a great tool. Fun and informative and very close model of our business"

"This approach is really the best one to succeed in teaching difficult material in a funny way"

"The whole exercise was a hoot!"

"This was more productive and important than any other seminar I’ve been to!"

"Very good experience in a business learning atmosphere. Everyone in technical or marketing should have it"

"Other ways of looking at EVA and Profitability. Good and Bad costs – and that you can use it in your day to day work. Meeting new colleagues, networking, have fun & laugh a lot and out loud! The opportunity to try aggressive marketing strategies without being fired"

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